Just a reminder again, there’s no stream this Friday as an awesome old college roomie will be back in town for the weekend.  The stream will return next week, and the FEZ run will go on!


Every time I play a new game or replay something old I end up making a bunch of strips in a row about it.  Considering that this is the third Civilization strip in the last week or so, it looks like I caught a severe case of one more turn syndrome.

Will there be more down the line?  Maybe!  WHO KNOWS?

I do.

Kind of.

Not sure.

Anyway, in every game there always seems to be one nation that falls really far behind in technology, leading to events like the nonsense you see above.  I’ve yet to understand how a nation could get so far behind, but it is fun to see spear and sword toting enemies try to conquer my tanks and death robots.

Side note: the death robots are super silly.

aaaaaand now for story time!

Anyone who has lived with me over the past decade has most likely witnessed me perform strange acts such as: checking the contents of my wallet ten times in two minutes, constantly feeling the bulges in my jacket pockets to make sure my keys/phone/etc are still there, and quintuple check my phone to ensure that I have no missed messages.

In short, I’m often super anxious about unimportant things, which wonderfully enough causes me to overlook the stuff right in front of me.  For example, I experienced this wonderful series of events while trying to leave my apartment Monday night:

  • Walk downstairs and out the door, see rainclouds.
  • Walk upstairs to unplug all my stuff.
  • Remove 3DS from inside jacket pocket because it falls out when I bend over, then bend over and unplug stuff.
  • Walk downstairs and out door, realize I left 3DS inside.
  • Walk upstairs, retrieve 3DS.
  • Walk downstairs and out door, see that it’s now raining.
  • Walk back upstairs, toss keys on bed, and search apartment for umbrella.
  • Find umbrella, walk downstairs and out the door.
  • Realize keys are still inside and I locked myself out.
  • Call Jackie to let me back in.

All told, from the moment I first tired to leave the apartment to actually leaving the apartment, it took an extra ten to fifteen minutes.

I’m a genius.