The next stream will be… sometime next week!  Hey livestream regulars, remember that one guy who’d randomly appear and make proclamations about the greatness of Tim Tebow?  He’s my old college roommate, Chris, and he’s coming to the city this weekend!


Considering that this will be the first time in a long time he’s flown in from LA (or somewhere near there… I think he lives in LA), I’ll be holding off the next stream until the following Friday.  Sorry about that!


Shortly before last Friday’s stream, I had some spare time and decided to play more Civ 5.  While I totally love the game, there seem to be a number of AI flaws, especially when nations are at war.

Sweden arbitrarily decided that I was dangerous and declared war on me.  I solely played defense; not once did I step foot into Gustavus’s country, nor did I even send ships into his waters.  After a short while, he made a peace offering and it was over.

Just as the peace treaty expired, roughly four or five countries denounced me, declaring that I was a warmonger and picking on weaker nations.

Suleiman of the Ottomans then declared war.  Then Polynesia.  Then Sweden again.

Three countries tried to do me in, but I again kept to a defensive strategy and eventually made peace with all of them.

…but then the peace treaties expired, and suddenly I was denounced again.

I am of the opinion that if I’m attacked, fighting back should not be viewed as picking on weaker nations.

Furthermore, the territory I gained as a result of the conflicts were offered to me by the civs that initially attacked.

I accepted their peace offerings.

I’m such a war criminal.

Quick final note: over the weekend I went to Mocca Fest with Jackie and Lima!  Normally, I never buy anything at these conventions, but Maki from Sci-ence and Sufficiently Remarkable had a booth!  I first saw him on Penny Arcade’s comic reality show, Strip Search, and he’s totally awesome!

Naturally I had to buy something from him, so I got one of his blemmyes doodles:



I love it!