The next livestream is this Friday, April 4th at 7pm est… crazy!  Who knows what wacky stuff you’ll have me doodle next?  I don’t, but you might!  Afterwards, we’ll be starting a new game, FEZ!  While I love puzzle games, I often stink at them, so come and watch me stink up the place!

It’ll be stinktastic!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


While helping my friend Mike move over the weekend, at some point in the day the topic of Twitch Plays Pokemon came up, specifically, which games they had run thus far.

During this time, there was quite a lot of praise thrown around for Pokemon Gold/Silver, which I had never played.  Well, now is as good a time as any!  I started a run of it this week and so far it’s a blast!

Except for one thing… the main character’s mother.  She gives you the option for her to hold on to a portion of your money for saving purposes.  Sound neat, right?


Every once in a while she calls you on the Poke…phone…thing declaring that she spent some of your money on an item, and that you can pick it up at the PC.

Generally the items are stuff like potions and what-have-you, which is nice, but seriously… ask me before you spend it.

Sure, she gets items at discounted prices, but maybe instead of buying nonsense without my knowledge, why not just hook me up with her provider?  Help me out a little!

I bet she’s pocketing a large portion of the money, sitting back at home living it up while I’m digging through caves and crawling through the mud.

On a side note, I absolutely had to doodle her with a golden scepter of herself similar to the one Discord gives Twilight.

Had to.

had to.

This is comic 404 by the way, a strip I’ve been thinking about ever since number 300 rolled around.

I initially envisioned the image saying something to the effect of “404: Comic Not Found,” but figured it was nearly a year away from happening, so I shelved the idea.

Roughly a month or so ago it popped back in my head and I suddenly realized that there was a good chance strip 404 would land on April Fool’s Day.  Perfect, I thought, this is totally gonna happen!

Unfortunately, the calendar decided to ruin my fun; strip 404 would land on April 3rd.  Bummer.

Without the totally wonderful opportunity to have a silly April Fool’s joke lining up with a strip whose number happens to be a common browser error code, I ditched it.

I really wanted it to happen!  Noooooooooo!