The next livestream will be this Friday, April 4th at 7pm est!  In addition to another fun doodle, we finished up the Dust: An Elysian Tail run last week, so we’ll be moving to a new game!  It looks like FEZ will be up next, so if you want to see someone fail miserably at spacial reasoning puzzles, this is the stream for you!

See you then!


I’ve been trying to keep up with my FFX run on my new/barely used channel, and those of you who have seen it would all agree:

Enemies should drop Ability Spheres more often!  Chances are the majority of you are tired of me saying/yelling/singing/pleading for the darn things, and how their apparent rarity in the early going is severely stunting my characters’ development.

Regarding abilities, however, there’s probably some debate as to what is the best ability in the game.  Quick Hit, Full Break, Ultima, or any ability along the default Rikku line (as I imagine Jackie might say)…

In my humble opinion, those choices are all incorrect.  The best ability in the game?


Are you at the point in a fight where Tidus has already buffed the group?  Would a Tidus attack be rendered ineffective due to the enemy’s type?  Do you just need Tidus to take an action in order for him to be credited to receive experience afterwards?

If so, cheer is clearly the ability of choice!

It raises attack and defense, and get this… it’s stackable.

What’s not to like?


Equally fun is imagining Tidus all pom-pomed out jumping up and down while being attacked by monsters.

On the note of cheerleading, something just popped into my head.  Back in highschool our cheerleaders were cheerleaders in name only; they possessed the most deadpan delivery I’ve ever witnessed.

Evoking thoughts of the South Park “Sarcastiball” cheerleaders, our spirit outfit would uninterestedly recite heart-pounding lines such as:

“first and ten.  do it again.  go.  team.  go.”

I initially typed that with capital letters at the start of each sentence, but that would be too enthusiastic a recreation.

Go team go.