The next livestream will be this Friday, May 2nd at 7pm est!  You’ll make suggestions!  I’ll doodle them!  Whoa!  Afterwards, we’ll continue playing Final Fantasy 8!

I think we’ll try what we did last week, doing the doodling portion on my livestream channel, and then playing FF8 on my twitch account.

With that in mind, you can watch the stream here or here, and once the doodle is done, we’ll play games here.

See you then!


Bit of a shout out to the twitch viewers with this one!

This might sound crazy, but I think VIII might be surpassing IX as my favorite in the series.  Sure, the story is silly, but the Junction System is just so adorably breakable that it’s impossible not to love.

One of the neat things in FF8 is that limit breaks are not tied to any meter; your ability to perform them is entirely related to your HP.  The lower your HP, the more likely you’ll be allowed to execute one, and then do tons more one after another…

…which leads to events like the comic above.  There have been a number of times in this run where my characters were too healthy, so I had them beat the heck out of themselves.

In one particularly great case, Squall (who had 100 sleeps junctioned to status attack) slashed himself and immediately fell asleep.

We’re the greatest mercenary group in the history of war.

In other news, Jackie and I are ditching Time Warner for RCN.  I don’t think RCN is going to be amazingly better (although the new service is much faster and cheaper than TW), but we’ve had so many horrible customer service experiences with TW over the last year that it was time to make a change.

Fortunately there was another provider in our area!

Hopefully the rainstorm that’s pounding outside right now doesn’t keep our Thursday morning appointment from happening.

require internet.