Well… last week’s stream got… weird during Surgeon Simulator.  Look for the craziness to continue (although I hope a bit tamer) during the next stream, which will be this Friday, May 16th at 7pm est!

See you then!


For the record, the title of the track in question is, “You will know our names,” but the dialogue in the strip above is more or less lifted from a conversation Rich and I had while continuing the Xenoblade Chronicles run last week.

I’ve actually been saying that Shulk is totally a psychopath, so maybe he and Walter White would be buddies.

They’d go through so many barrels.

In other news, I was in my hometown over the weekend for Mother’s Day, which included a quick trip to a nearby nursing home.  Generally, every time my sister and I are there, we’d see residents being entertained in a number of ways: movies, musical performances, games, book readings etc.

While we were there Sunday, residents were playing some kind of word spelling/association game.  Each one had a large sheet of paper with some words for them to use.  As we were walking out the door, I heard someone yell,


Now, I don’t really know exactly what the game was, but it appeared to be a guessing game.  While I suppose it’s possible, chances are that the staff didn’t include the word “matricide” in a word game played on Mother’s day.

…but someone yelled it out, so either he had a very specific case of Tourette Syndrome, or our elderly healthcare professions have a very interesting sense of humor.