Hey, the next livestream is this Friday, May 16th at 7pm est!  Things got really weird last week, who knows if it’ll be as strange this time around?  As always, you’ll make doodle suggestions, and I’ll doodle them along to Disney music!

Afterwards, we’ll continue playing Surgeon Simulator!  CRAZY!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


I’ve been playing Resident Evil 4 on my twitch channel recently, and I must say that despite having played it so many times, it never gets old.  Leon’s Spanish vacation is just too much fun, and he meets sooooo many joyous locals!

Who wouldn’t want to run into Bitores Mendez at a bar, or hang with Ramon Salazar on the beach?  No one, that’s who!  Even the regular townsfolk get in on the fun, all showing up in the town square just to meet newcomers.

They love life, and want Leon to love it with them.

Fun folks!

What’s the opposite of fun, however?  Laundry!  I hate doing laundry, hate it to my very core.

Not because I don’t mind wearing dirty clothes or sleeping with a quilt that smells like a horse barn, and not even because it’s tough to get a laundry machine to myself amongst the other customers… it’s the dryers that’s the problem.

The issue is as follows, there are more laundry machines at my local laundromat than dryers, so anytime every laundry machine is in use, someone gets stuck waiting around with damp clothes.

I had some time around 3-ish o’clock on Tuesday, and figured that the laundromat would be mostly empty.

It was!  Hooray!

About half the dryers were taken by the owner working on dropoffs, but there were three left, and there was only myself and an old lady using the washing machines.  Score!

Not score.

The old lady took the contents of her one washing machine, and then deposited it’s contents into the three remaining dryers.  I get that different fabrics require different heat settings, but come on lady, consider other customers before taking up every remaining dryer.

In a stroke of good fortune, about a minute later one of the owner’s dryers finished up and I took that one… but geez!  I am overly frustrated by this!  Booooooo!