Though I won’t be up at the summer camp until Friday, camp more or less starts today for me considering that by the time you’re reading this, I’ve already picked up a counselor from the airport!

Pretty much everything will operate the same while I’m gone, comics and Kat’s Korners will upload at their regularly scheduled days, etc.  The only major difference is that there won’t be livestreams, which I apologize for!  In lieu of streams, I will try to put up some videos over the course of the summer, time permitting.

Hopefully I’ll get some fun video content for you… we’ll see!  Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled “below the strip” post!


Through some incredible stroke of good fortune, I was able to clean up my apartment on Monday (I have a floor now!), which left me with not much to do all day Tuesday.

I’ve been on such a big Resident Evil 4 kick lately, but wanted to play something a bit different.  Resident Evil REmake fit the bill.

Now, I’ll admit that I know absolutely nothing about locks, locksmithing, and lockpicking.  Maybe there’s some legitimate reason why Jill can’t use her lockpick on every standard door she comes across, but every time I get to a locked door and try to use the pick, I’m told, “It’s not necessary to use this now.”

Not necessary in order to progress through the game maybe, but in the world of Jill Valentine, there’s every reason to at least try.

When else would she use the lockpick?

Obviously, its a minor issue in an otherwise totally fun game, but goodness… at least say something like, “this lock is too sophisticated for the pick” or what-have-you.

Also, shout-out to all the folks that watched the How Applejack Won the War animatic I made, it was really fun reading your comments.  Also, it got EQD’ed, which was super cool!

Made me feel all warm and fuzzy!