Just when you thought there wouldn’t be more Resident Evil 4 comics, there’s another Resident Evil 4 comic!  Leon is the master of destroying everything he comes across… but the merchant doesn’t really seem to care, so it’s all good.

I’m officially up at camp now, and so far it’s been awesome!  Blue skies, tons of sunlight, my farmer’s tan is coming in really nicely.  By the end of the summer I expect to look like someone spray tanned everything but my torso and thighs.

It’s a good look, really attractive.

On Saturday I drove the camp van into town to pick up some counselors arriving by bus, and while waiting, I popped into the local thrift store.

Inside were three old ladies, one of which was telling the most lovely of stories.

“I was going to this concert,” she said, “the kind where everyone wants to throw their panties on stage.”

Immediately interested in where this story was going, I perked up an ear while browsing through used clothes.

“I wanted  mine to stand out,”


“so I made them as disgusting as possible.”

Generally, I enjoy catching random folks chatting in public, but this story… this one didn’t seem for me.  Something about a 60-70 year old woman talking about getting her panties dirty felt supremely unappealing.

Hopefully, the musician enjoyed them.