You walk through the door and immediately find yourself surrounded by zombies.  They creep closer every passing second.  You have no choice but to-


It feels as though any time I’ve been “stuck” in a room with zombies in Resident Evil 2, the solution is always the same: run around a bit and daisy-chain everyone into a macabre conga-line.

Which is good, cause Claire and Leon know how to get down.

Chances are this will be the last RE2 comic as I’ve now finished up all four major scenarios (Claire A/B, Leon A/B), but it’s certainly possible that I’ll hit up RE3 next.

Then again… I’m getting a little tired of Resident Evil, so maybe something else!  I dunno!  Crazy!  Flying by the seat of my pants here!

Quick camp note:  I’m still sick (throat has been absolutely killing me) and have been trying to avoid eating anything too heavy/raising my voice/singing in the shower/etc, but I took out groups of day off counselors on both Monday and Tuesday… and there’s this realllly good pizza place in town and this reaaaalllllllly good ice cream shop near the gas station.

Let’s just say that I’m doing a terrible job of properly convalescing.

Delicious, but terrible.