Apparently Suleiman and I haven’t improved our relationship since the last time we butted heads.

Military subtlety in Civilization is rare nonexistant.  Every game it seems that neighboring Civs must first pile tons of military units on my borders before declaring war.  In their favor, it allows the attacking Civ to enter my territory immediately after declaring war, but it also allows me to set up a solid defense…

…so unless either one of us is significantly more advanced/has more units/can produce faster, the attack will be a waste of both our time.

Piling up those attack units beforehand basically guarantees that the attack will be repelled.

Then again, I do exactly the same thing when I’m on the attack, so I guess I’m just as silly.

In other news, we are now officially past the half-way point at camp, there’s only a few weeks left!  That said, they are the super hectic, jam-packed-full-of-work weeks… things are coming down to the wire!

There’s also another JFK trip for me this Wednesday which hopefully will run smoothly.  Once that’s out of the way, I’ll have driven the van over 2,000 miles for the summer, which at just past the halfway point is pretty nuts.

Drive drive drive drive drive drive drive drive.

I do a lot of driving up here.

Just in case it wasn’t clear.