Man, Suleiman… we were at war for so long that when you offered not just a peace treaty, but a declaration of friendship a few turns later… it meant a lot to me.

I accepted.

Then you immediately asked me for some cash money.

Eff you, Suleiman.  He probably would have spent the money on more units to attack me with later… or booze.

By the way, some of you nighthawk readers may have noticed that this strip went up around 1:30am-ish as opposed to the normal “right around midnight” time slot (EST).  I had another camper related JFK trip today and figured I’d be back before midnight…

…a two hour flight delay and some awful traffic kept that from happening.

I will say that a lot of nonsense occurred over the last fifteen hours, and a good portion of it I don’t think I can get into detail on.  If someone could remind me when the livestreams start up again about the following, that’d be appreciated:

  • Porn magazines/condoms
  • High ostrich
  • Unfortunate woodchuck
  • Layla
  • Airport silliness
  • Five cop cars

Again, I can’t really flesh out the story right now, but I’ll bring it up at the first livestream when I’m back!

…and now… to sleep!