I love landmarks; developing a strong culture and completing the Utopia Project is probably my favorite win condition in Civilization V.  Having a great artist start a golden age is nice and all, but the sustained culture production of landmarks… it’s lovely.

That said, I don’t like killing off farmland/resources in order to build them… so… to the desert with you, great artist!

In the event that I have no deserts within my borders, I’ll often buy some just to plant a landmark.

Maybe I’m playing inefficiently, I dunno…

Something I am pretty sure about however, is how to properly use a garbage can.  A counselor left his wallet in the gym yesterday and I went to his cabin to return it.

Inside were some campers playing with a soccer ball… of sorts; it was hollow, almost whiffle ball-esque.  They weren’t kicking it, by the way, they were gripping the tube-like web of it and tossing it around as if they were playing basketball.

One of the kids took the ball and slammed it into the garbage can.

Another fished it out, and dunked it again.

Apparently this is a normal thing.

“Isn’t that dirty?” I asked them.

“No, our garbage is clean.” they responded.

In the world of children, garbage is clean, so long as it’s yours.