The next livestream will be this Saturday, September 6th at 7pm est!  I know we normally do these on Fridays, but it’s Rich’s birthday that day!  Anyways, there will be the doodles, the chatting, the etc, and once that’s all done, we’ll play the next case in Apollo Justice!

Note regarding Apollo, my throat was super ouch-y after reading out all the dialogue last week, but seeing how it was pretty fun, I’ll try to do it again!

See you Saturday!


So I played Final Fantasy 9 on Twitch last week more or less on a whim, and it was really fun chatting it up with you guys while playing!  At some point during the run, we ran into this boss who was laughing at our apparent inability to deal meaningful damage…

…despite the fact that we were scoring a few 9999’s.


Props for user Thecanadianalligator (hope I got the name correct) for being the first to point out that silliness.

Quick story from camp that I totally forgot to mention during the summer:

During a supply run I had to pick up a ton of snacks/candy/drinks.  I don’t just mean like a box of hershey bars and a pack of gatorade, I mean roughly $1,200 worth of that stuff.

Side note to the candy purchase: due to an issue with the camp’s credit card I had to make the purchase myself… ooph that was rough…

…anyways, there were two junior counselors with me and once we got to the store, one of them said, “I’ll find the dyke bars.”

“Wait…” I responded, “they have those here?”

“Yeah man, all the kids love them.”

At this point I’m extremely confused.  First off, I didn’t know that such bars existed near camp; it’s a pretty uninhabited (comparatively) region.  Second, why would the kids love/know about them?

Once we walked towards the frozen foods section, however, it all became clear.

Klondike bars.