The next livestream will be this Saturday, September 6th at 7pm est!  Get ready for a night of doodling and chatting, and then more Apollo Justice!

Where we last left off, Apollo received and invite to join the Wright & Co. Law offices, will he take Phoenix up on that offer?  What wild court case will he become tangled up in next?

Find out next time, on the livestream!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


I spent a decent portion of the last week marathoning a few games, the last of which was Ocarina of Time!  While totally fun, I ran into a problem that I never had before: somehow, I kept running out of arrows.

Generally this wasn’t a super huge problem, but oddly enough, it came to rear it’s ugly head in the Water Temple, where all I needed was one arrow to trigger one of the eyeball switch things (which annoyingly can’t be activated with the longshot) and eventually had to leave the temple to stock up.


There was also an incident in the Fire Temple, which houses my least favorite room in the game: the Megaton Hammer room.  In order to receive the item, Link hits a switch, then must run along an incredibly narrow circular path before time runs out.

I am terrible at moving in a straight line in these games, so the curved paths are particularly nightmarish.  I hit the switch, and then in an attempt to just get on the path, I jumped over it and plummeted two floors down.


Otherwise, those Gerudo Guards… come on, Link is screaming as he falls to the ground… get on that.

In other news, today is my first day at the new job!  Neat!  Hopefully that goes well!