The next livestream will be this Saturday, September 13th at 7pm est!  Yep, we’re doing Saturday again due to some odd scheduling nonsense, chances are we’ll move things back to Fridays starting the week after.

You guys have been giving some really fun doodle prompts so far, so I’m excited to see what you pitch next!

See you then!


Now, does it bother me that I don’t have enough time to play games in a meaningful way on my morning commute?  Maybe a little, but then again, it’s really nice only being on the train for like fifteen or twenty minutes.

Getting home seems to be a different story, however.

It was Rich’s birthday last Friday, and when I hopped on the train to head down to his place I didn’t anticipate there’d be any problems.  Not so!

First off, getting on the subway between five and six pm is nightmarish.  I don’t have much experience with regular 9-5 jobs, so it was kind of terrifying to see so many people try to cram themselves onto the train cars.

Once I was able to finally squeeze myself onto the train, the doors sealed us in, and we were off!

Kind of.

Our train stopped maybe 70 yards from the station, and we sat there for twenty minutes.  According to the scratchy MTA speakers, there was a stalled train in front of us.

Twenty minutes might not sound like that long, but when that time is spent shoulder to shoulder with an inhuman amount of smelly, sweaty, anxious people, it feels like an eternity.

I tried to unbutton my shirt, but… my arms were totally constricted…

Commuting!  FUN!