After more testing last night under the supervision of a Livestream support tech, it appears as though we’re good to go for a regular, no-tech-issue-interrupted livestream!  With the doodles and everything!  The stream will be Friday, October 10th at 7pm est.

You can view the stream here or here.  It is possible that you might need to refresh the page once or twice.



The next livestream will be this Friday, October 10th at 7pm est!  Due to the myraid of tech problems we’ve during the last two livestreams, I’ve been testing out different settings over the course of the week.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to be working.  I figured that it’d be a good idea to check out Livestream’s support pages, and after taking a stroll through their user forums one thing became immediately clear: Livestream is kind of broken at the moment.  Not mine specifically, but a huge chunk of the userbase.

I’ve opened up a support ticket with them and have a scheduled maintenance chat thing tomorrow to hopefully figure out what’s going on.

So, if everything is fixed by Friday, you can view the livestream here like normal.  If everything is still broken, we will do the stream on my Twitch channel, but we will only be able to play games there, no doodling.

One way or another… see you then!


Often times video games feature obtuse logic.  I’m talking about things like proving someone didn’t write her killer’s name in the sand with her finger because she was actually left handed as seen by this baseball glove that initially looked like bananas… when her neck was broken and she died instantly in a particular Phoenix Wright game.

Resident Evil 6, however… takes my breath away.

At one point in Leon’s campaign, he and Helena meet up with a group of survivors in a gun shop.  Together, they hold their position while fending off wave after wave of zombies.  When we entered the gun store, I figured “oh, we’ll upgrade all of our equipment here.”

No, not at all.

Second, one of the survivors’ gun jams, and he freaks the heck out.  Guided by a mix of fear and anger, he attacks one of his allies, yelling “GIVE ME YOUR GUN.”

In a gun store, with guns EVERYWHERE.  

Every wall is covered floor to ceiling in firearms, bullets, holsters, etc.  Heck, even the framing of the scene where he takes the gun displays a fully stocked gun cabinet mere feet away.

I have yet to play the other campaigns, but… I’ve never encountered a game so… uggggh before.

If that’s how the scene was going to play out, why was there a conscious choice to have it take place in a gun shop?  It could have been a bookstore, convenience store, grocery, etc…

They picked the one place that absolutely makes zero sense.  I mean… maybe they meant it as a joke, but… it just makes Leon and Helena look like idiots for not grabbing the most powerful stuff they can get their hands on…


I don’t get it.