Hey guys, this is Halloween weekend!  Which means it’s costume contest season!  In order to enter and have a chance to win a super cool, totally neat-0 Astoria Dragon Cats button, send a photo of your costume to [email protected] 

Jackie and I will put on our judging hats and pick three winners!

You guys have had some pretty awesome costumes the last few years, I can’t wait to see what you come up with this time!


I’ll be at a party this Saturday, which means…

The next livestream will be this Friday, October 31st at 7pm est!  There will be doodle-y goodness, chatting, and games!  After the doodle is completed, we’ll continue Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!  Also, if Amazon is fast enough, I’ll wear my halloween costume for the stream!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


Man, that’s a lot of updates!  Well, two… but that’s like double the normal amount, so…

Also, I know I’m dumping on Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel again, but I’ll confess the game isn’t the train wreck that it feels like in my head.  The gameplay is as solid as it’s always been, it’s really just the lack of an interesting narrative that torpedoed everything for me.

Then again, I am super not a fan of the weapon grinder, which appears to be the most reliable way to get legendaries…