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Movember donation update:  Dropping another reminder about my friendAnthony’s Movember donation page.  After beating the heck out of Ewing’s Sarcoma two years ago, he started a donation team over at the Movember site and has raised over $18,000 since!  If you’d like to donate, click here!

Back to your regularly scheduled programming:

I had my Saturday pretty well planned out this weekend:

  • Wake up at 8:30
  • Get to post office by 8:50 (they open at 9)
  • Mail out costume contest pins
  • Go to Costco and buy garbage bags
  • Get home & make a strip
  • Whatever from there on out

Here’s what actually happened:

  • Wake up at 7
  • Somehow be late leaving apartment and get to post office at 9:15
  • Wait on huge line that wouldn’t have been there if I arrived on time
  • Listen to lady a couple spots ahead of me loudly and incessantly complain about how there are only two postal workers that morning
  • Wonder why she thinks it’s their fault that they were the only two people scheduled
  • Stand around for half an hour while she still complains about the lack of workers
  • Finally come to the conclusion that the lady is a self-centered jerk
  • Mail out buttons
  • Go to Costco
  • Eat a hot dog
  • Pick up large box of garbage bags
  • See that 3.5 lb bags of m&m’s are on sale for six-fifty
  • Buy that too
  • Get home
  • Eat m&m’s

While I did make this strip on Saturday, the timing of everything was very off.  Specifically, when I was eating m&m’s two hours had suddenly passed.  By that I don’t mean that I was messing around and time got away from me, I mean that I was eating m&m’s, it was two hours later, and I had zero recollection of anything that happened during that time.

Whether I passed out or went into an m&m coma doesn’t matter I guess… m&m’s man, dangerous stuff.