The next livestream is this Friday, November 21st at 7pm est!  We’ll do a round of doodling, and then jump into the second half of the bonus case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!

Where we last left off, Phoenix was tasked with defending Lana Skye, chief prosecutor in the district, who has been charged with the murder of detective Bruce Goodman, which took place in the prosecutors’ parking lot.  Working alongside the perky (scientifically speaking) little sister of Lana, Ema, Phoenix has discovered that there’s something shady going on in the police department.

Things get even more bizarre when on the first day of the trial Damon Gant, chief of police, revealed that there was a murder in the police department evidence vault at the same time as Phoenix’s case.  Who was murdered there?  Detective Bruce Goodman.

The same man, murdered at the same time, in two different places?  How will Phoenix solve this one?

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


…man that lead in for Phoenix was kind of on the long side… but hey, it’s a super neat case!

In other news, it got pretty darn cold in the city yesterday.  Generally this isn’t a problem, but Jackie and I don’t have any control over the thermostat in our apartment, only the landlord does.

I woke up yesterday morning freezing my butt off at 5am, and put my whole body under my quilt in an attempt to bake in my own body heat.

Kind of like a dutch oven, but with out the farting bit.

Also, quick note: I saw that some of the Halloween costume contest winners asked about showing photos of their costumes.  I totally forgot to ask about that when sending out the pins!  If you’d like to have your costume posted, shoot me an email and I’ll put it up!