Due to the holiday in the states this week, there won’t be a livestream this Friday.  We’ll be back the following week!


I remembered hearing about the Mercedes/Mario Kart partnership a while back, but other than briefly rolling my eyes I didn’t pay it much mind.

This past Thursday, I played Mario Kart 8 with the Mercedes DLC for the first time.  The cars don’t really fit into the Mario Kart aesthetic, but they don’t stand out in an annoying way.  What does look a little weird, however, is Link.

Specifically, Link when driving some of the Mercedes cars.  Now, most of the Mario Kart characters a kind of goofy looking, but seeing Link’s adult body crammed into a tiny Mercedes-Benz kart is supremely silly.

He look’s so… cramped.  For a luxury brand like Mercedes, it seem to clash with their advertising M.O.

Also, I was contacted by some of the costume contest winners with permission to show their costumes, so here they are!

Frankie checking in with his costume of Lionel from Braindead:



John with his… I’m not exactly sure what to call this, but I love it:



There are two other winners, if you guys would like your costumes shown, email me and let me know!