The next livestream will be this Friday, December 12th at 7pm est!  There will be doodling!  There will be chatting!  You know the drill and all that!

I’ve been a little Phoenix Wright-ed out recently, but I think that Hatoful Boyfriend went pretty well last week, so let’s do more of that!  There are still a few pigeons we have yet to win the hearts of, so let’s see how many we can get!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


I am absolutely sure I’ve mentioned this on a stream before, but due to getting completely obliterated by the weather this week, I think it’s worth making a strip about it:

Remember old cartoons?  Some character would get stuck out in the rain and, no umbrella in sight he’d grab a newspaper and remain dry?


I was stuck in a similar situation and tried the newspaper method… not only did I still get wet, but the paper was instantly soaked, clung to my head, and bled ink all over me.

So… yeah… don’t look to cartoons in order to solve real life problems.

In other news, do any of you guys remember me mentioning a restaurant that was trying to hide their “B” health rating a year or two ago?  Long story short, this restaurant tried to hide their B behind some decorative bamboo, but once they got an A again had it more prominently featured on their window.

Well, a couple months ago, I noticed these guys got a B again and sure enough:



The B was again located behind the bamboo.  I made a mental note, took a photo, and waited to see what would happen if they got an A on their reinspection.

Well… they got reinspected and got and A!  Good for them!  Where did they place it?


Not behind the bamboo.

I mean, it’s not like when the B is hidden it’s impossible to see, so why try to hide it at all?  Given that they place the A in a different location, it’s obvious that they’re trying to be shifty.