I’m a dummy update:

I accidentally posted Moday’s strip on Sunday… oops!


The next livestream will be this Friday, December 19th at 7pm est!  I was really excited to see some new folks this past week in addition to our stream regulars, and got a kick out of the extra silly doodle that you guys suggested!

As for what we’ll play this week, a few of you mentioned Five Nights at Freddy’s, so I’ll most likely end up checking that out!

See you then!


Our Hatoful Boyfriend run this week was… interesting.  From the day Chris gifted me the game a few months ago, he’d been asking the following:

  • If I had done the doctor scenario yet
  • When I will be doing the doctor scenario

Something to that effect, anyway.  My answer was always the same: I let the chat dictate who are target pigeon would be, and the doctor has yet to be picked.

Well, this past Friday, the Doctor became the target of our affection.

Things went… ok.

In the spirit of avoiding spoilers to those who might play the game in the future, the Doctor ending is pretty crazy, I’ll just leave it at that.  While we might not play Hatoful Boyfriend on the stream anymore, I’m gonna play out the rest of the scenarios out of curiosity…

…there’s something strange going on at St. Pigeonations.

Living in New York, though… there’s a lot of pigeons here, and if Hatoful Boyfriend has taught me anything, there’s potentially something beautiful or sinister behind every one of them.