Due to the holidays this week, there won’t be a stream… sorry about that!  We’ll most likely start the stream up again the following week.

See you then!


Mario Kart 8 is super fun.  Judging by the fact that the last handful of strips have been Mario Kart 8 related, this probably doesn’t come as much a surprise.

MK8 online is also super fun, more so than playing against the computer.  Unfortunately, varying internet connection speeds are cruel mistresses, messing with my head when playing in tight races.

There is nothing as frustrating as appearing to have won a race, only to see that first place has been given to a player that, on my screen, shows up twenty feet behind me.  I’m fully willing to admit that I don’t really know the how & why of why that happens, so if anyone with the relevant knowledge knows, please inform me!

Quick shout-out to the viewers on Twitch this past weekend, by the way!  I had a hankering for a Tales of Symphonia run, and was aiming to do it all in one sitting.  Ten and a half hours later, having just beat the boss at the end of Latheon Gorge, my body finally crapped out and forced me to stop.

I finished up the final hour and a half on Sunday.  It was a lot of fun, and I hope the folks who were watching enjoyed it as well.

There was even one guy who watched for eight hours on Saturday, that’s pretty amazing!

You guys rock!