Just a reminder that there won’t be a stream this week.  I’ll be in New Jersey for work on Friday/Saturday… so… the next stream will be the following week!

See you then!


So I did a timed run of Tales of Symphonia New Game + and clocked in at 8:31:04, which for me isn’t bad, but in the grand scheme of things is actually kind of terrible.  There were a couple of ToS speedrunners giving me tips again, and one even sent me a route to use in the future.  I was flipping through it earlier today and  oh my goodness, the first third of the route is very different from what I do.

Guess it’s time to change my route!

One funny bit from my timed run on Tuesday:

After seeing the timer was nearing seven hours fifty minutes, I mentioned that I really hoped to get the run under eight hours and was a little bummed.  From that point on, my little group of viewers encouraged me to shoot for sub-8:30:00.


Try as I might, halfway through the final boss battle the 8:30:00 mark came and went… nuts…

…one guy in chat, though, had only this to say: SUB NINE HOUR HYPE!

Gotta love that glass half full attitude!  The ToS community seems really fun!