The next livestream will be this Friday, January 16th at 7pm est!  I don’t know what game we’ll do once the doodle is done, but I’ll have that figured out by Thursday!

See you then!


I’m back in the city after my little NJ work thing and typing this out LIVE FROM RICH’S APARTMENT!

Getting here was a little difficult however, as the MTA pooped the bed and half its subway lines aren’t running properly.  Doing the transfer dance is rarely fun.

The trains were weird, but just getting to the train was weirder.

About a few buildings down from my apartment, there was an old woman who flagged me down.  Standing in front of a gate, she held up a large padlock and a key, and asked me to help her.  Apparently her hands were shaking too much in the cold for her to open the lock.

She gave me a key, but as I went to open the lock, I noticed the fact that it wasn’t actually connected to anything; it was locked around a bar that had zero to do with locking the gate.  Whatever, I figured, and “unlocked” it for her.

She walked through the gate, and asked that put the padlock back on… in the same spot where it would do nothing.