We’re gonna take a little break from the streams this week.  Apologies!  After streams on Friday/Sunday/Monday, I’m a little streamed out at the moment.  We’ll reconvene next week!

See you then!


Due to the large amount of snow this past week we had a half day of work on Monday, and my office was closed on Tuesday.  I took this as another opportunity to pump out another Tales of Symphonia NG+ Any% run, putting in a new personal best of 7:27:05!

…which is still over an hour off the world record.

Not that I’m trying to beat it, but just to give you guys an idea how optimized some people have their runs.  It’s pretty nuts.

One of the things I have yet to wrap my head around is how they keep their hands from hurting while pressing A/B to advance the in-game text.  After even just an hour I feel the muscles in my hand start to ache and occasionally spasm.

Also… peeing.  These guys never seem to have to pee.  My last two streams featured pee breaks (in more or less the same spot: at or near the flying dragon island).  Do they have bottles or something?

I’d ask, but that’d be weird.

In other news, quick shout out to anyone who voted for the How Applejack Won the War animatic for JHaller’s Top 25 Pony Videos of 2014!  After placing 7th for the month of June, HAWTW apparently had enough staying power to be 17th in the end of year voting.  Neat!

The animatic also made it on Equestria Daily’s Top Ten Fan Animations for 2014 (placing 10th).  Oddly enough they had a separate category for animatics, but put it on the animation list instead.  Also neat!

I don’t make a lot of videos (my Youtube channel pretty much has nothing in it), but it’s really nice to see people get a kick out of what’s there!  Once the final version of Applejack is done, I hope you guys like that too!