oooooooooo I’m a little streamed out at the moment (more on that in a bit).  Not sure yet if we’ll have a regular Friday stream this week, I’ll let you know on Thursday!


We played some Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze last week, and anyone who has ever seen me play a platformer before would not be shocked to learn that I more or less stunk up the place.  I died a lot.

Like, a lot a lot.

Not unlike a certain young child with an initial fondness for a red balloon.

Watch out, DK…

In other news, I did two Twitch streams this weekend: one practicing the first third of Tales of Symphonia, and one full run.  Using a route suggested by a number of ToS streamers, I got my run down to 7:41:22, which shattered my previous personal best.

…I also finished this run about twenty minutes before I started typing this, and oh my goodness my hands hurt right now.

I really want to have a counter that tallies the number of times I mash the A button per run; it must be in the tens of thousands.

Check out the run (and myriad of mistakes) here!
Watch live video from Corpse_Runner on Twitch