The next livestream is this Friday, January 23rd at 7pm est!  I’m not sure if NameRedacted will be around this time, but there will still be doodles, Disney music, and games!  I’ve pretty much just played Mario Kart 8 since I bought my Wii U, but it came with some games in a bundle, one of which is Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, so… let’s play that!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


I get booted off of MK8’s online server’s fairly often due to connection issues, but there was one time in particular that stood out: a connection error just before crossing the finish line while in first place.

Rather than adding twenty-something points to my score, I lost a few for the disconnection.


Side note: after a few of the comments both here an on Facebook, I’ve actively tried to stop my habit of spitting while outside.  For the most part, it’s gone pretty well… but there is one issue…

…my method so far has been to catch myself in the act.  Bad habits are the ones that you do unconsciously, so making myself aware of doing it is a good way to stop.  Unfortunately my brain can take too long to send the message to the rest of my body:

  • I start to spit
  • I recognize that I’m about to spit
  • My brain sends out the, “hey buddy, don’t spit” message
  • I’ve already begun to spit
  • I try to stop the act
  • Momentum is a cruel mistress and spit dribbles down my chin

I am glamorous!