The next livestream will be this Friday, January 23rd at 7pm est!  I think I might try to use my Wii U a bit more… I’ve had this Donkey Kong game sitting around… so maybe we’ll play that!

See you then!


I’m a little bummed out to say that the above strip more or less happened in real life.  There wasn’t a “woosh” sound effect or anything, but an unfortunately timed gust of wind picked up a freshly spat wad of spit and tossed it at an unlucky person.

As you might imagine, I apologized profusely.  She didn’t get pissed or anything (she actually chuckled for a moment) and did understand that I in no way did that on purpose, but… I still felt pretty bad about it, so…


Don’t spit on windy days, folks.

Those of you who saw the livestream this past Friday witnessed some silly stuff.  We started off with “name redacted” (that’s not an edit, by the way, we were calling her “name redacted” all night) drawing at the beginning, which I thought was fun!

Later on, however, things got a little weird.  I don’t know how audible it was, but for quite a while Jackie was yelling “I’M SORRY!  I’M SO SORRY!” in the background.  A little clarity for anyone who was confused by that:

Jackie and NameRedacted were making a dress for a David Bowe concert, and this dress was meant to be extremely colorful.  Using a basic white dress and a menagerie of paint, they tried to splatter the dress with color.

Paint.  Got.  Everywhere.

All over the floors, the walls, in the bathtub, on the sink, on the toilet, literally on the ceiling.

So when Jackie was apologizing, she was apologizing for the rainbow homicide of the place where we poop.

The next morning I dreamt there was a knock at our door.

Scratch that, it was a real knock, but I was still in a sleepy daze.  Jackie was in the shower, but called out to the person knocking (our landlady) that she’d be out soon.  The landlady said “ok” and that she would be back later.

Be back later?

Once I was up and about, we started cleaning the apartment a bit because we figured the exterminator they called last month was back for another round of spraying.  As we were cleaning however, we kept rolling what she said over and over in our minds…

“Be back later.”

If the exterminator was here, they just send him up, not say “be back later.”

Oh nuts, we thought, they were going to talk to us about raising the rent.  Uggggh.

After spending a good 20 minutes making the apartment look presentable, Jackie went down to the landlady and chatted.

She was back two minutes later to deliver the news:  There was no rent increase, the landlady just wanted to know if we wanted to have the third bedroom on our floor as a part of our rent.  There’d be a little price increase, but having the rent split three ways would save us money!  FIND A THIRD ROOMMATE TIME!

We texted some people, but everyone Jackie texted sent the same message back: Why is Alex moving out?

Everyone assumed I was moving or something.  NameRedacted thought the same thing, but she had a funny reason why: I didn’t see exactly what the text was, but it boiled down to “I thought Alex was pissed about the paint in the bathroom and decided to peace out.”

Jackie texted back that I found that hilarious.

Paint?  Please… like a little paint on the floor/shower/sink/toilet/ceiling/my towels will bother me!