The next livestream will be this Friday, February 27th at 7pm est!  We’re back!  WOOOOOOOO!  All those livestream things you know and love will be there, such as doodling, chatting, and Disney music!

I’ve also got some London stories to tell!

I haven’t really thought about a game to play after the doodle… Cards Against Humanity again?  Would everyone be up for that?

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


Ugggggg Regal Bryant is such an annoying character.  Anyone who has ever played a JRPG has probably witnessed the fact that anytime major plot points are occurring, every character in the party needs to voice their opinion on it…

…even if they have nothing constructive to say…

especially if they have nothing constructive to say.

Perhaps the worst character in the history of that trope is Regal Bryant, who doesn’t just slow down dialogue by opening his mouth, but he is a one trick pony who specializes in shoehorning his personal problems into other peoples lives.

Imagine you got in a fender bender and mentioned it at a party and some guy said, “it’s bad enough that I have a flat tire, my flat tire is terrible, how could the world be so awful… my tire is flat, it’s bad.  Really very bad.”

That guy is a Regal.

Regal sucks.


That was a very smooth segue, right?  Anyway, Rich and I have spent the last few weeks grinding our characters to level 60 before taking on BPS’s raid boss, and last night we finally hit the level cap… on to the extra boss we went.

The fight is looooooooong.  After dragging it through multiple elemental forms and size changes over the course of about an hour, we didn’t have much longer to go when Rich (playing as Nisha) activated Showdown.

The game froze.

First off, we were supremely annoyed.

Second, I have some extra venting to do about that game.  In the past I’ve lamented the fact that the story is awful, the cast is lame, and that every zone feels exactly the same.  Let’s put those criticisms aside for the moment.

Let’s talk about how well the game plays.  I’ve played it solo on my PC and everything is fine.  Playing on Rich’s PS3 however has been a laggy, buggy nightmare.

The console port is absolute garbage.  First off, we noticed that if you have Claptrap’s capstone ability in the “I love you guys” skill tree, you can often crash the game by prompting a high five and then shooting immediately.  I’m not sure if that crashes the game on PC.

…but that’s kind of a small problem, what else doesn’t work too well?

  • The framerate drops to 1 FPS if Nisha activates Showdown with a fast weapon, and if Gun Wizard is active the game literally turns into a slideshow
  • Major hiccups when navigating menus & interacting with vending machines
  • Slideshow frame rates when using catch a ride stations
  • Moxxi Laser often leaves a random beam floating and MAKING TONS OF ANNOYING NOISE
  • Numerous slowdown issues when in two player mode that are significant enough to affect gameplay.

It’d be one thing if we experienced these issues on a PC… but this a console port.  The developers know exactly what the hardware specs and limitations are.  There is quite literally no excuse for these sort of things to happen.

Granted, we’re both a little over-frustrated due to the crash during the raid boss… but it was the final straw.

Borderlands Pre Sequel… you should be better than this.

…and yet we’re still playing it.