The next livestream will be this Friday, March 13th at 7pm est.  I’m thinking for the game this week we’ll do a Tales of Symphonia NG+ Kratos% run.  I haven’t played any ToS in the last couple of weeks and don’t want to get out of practice.

Based off my last run of the game, the Kratos% estimate is about two and a half hours… which is actually pretty slow… but hey, baby steps!

See you then!


Bananas, man they are a mystery.  The only time I ever buy them nowadays is when they are yellow in the store.  Buying them green never seems to work out as when they are introduced to the environment of my kitchen they bypass their delicious yellow phase and turn directly from green to brown.

Somehow when they enter my kitchen pre-yellowed, they stay yellow for a few days and can be eaten.

Gotta get dat potassium, yo.

Quick story of my ongoing battle with incurable stupidity.  Jackie, Name-Redacted, and I called in a pickup at a nearby Halal cart on Saturday (I was just as surprised as you are that you can call a Halal cart in advance) for some tasty lamb and falafel.  We bundled up, left the apartment, and made the trek to the mobile eatery.

Since our order was ready by the time we arrived, we were able to bypass the line and pay immediately.

“That’ll be twenty two dollars,” the guy said.

I pulled out my wallet, figured that “twenty two dollars” meant twenty two dollars and change, and gave him twenty three.

He held my $23 for a moment, looked at me like I was an idiot (he wasn’t wrong) and handed back one dollar.

Rather than say, “Thanks” like a normal person I took the dollar and said, “I’m sorry.”