The next livestream will be this Friday, March 13th at 7pm est!  There will be all the doodling, chatting, and games you can handle!  Once the doodle is done we’ll do a Tales of Symphonia NG+ Kratos% run… cause why not?

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


Our Tales of Xillia 2 run continues!


This game has a really bad habit of getting in its own way.  There is a plot and important things are happening… but apparently not so important that we can’t spend time grinding MMO style quests in order to gain gald to pay off the main character’s debt.

If the fate of the world is hanging in the balance, and considering this is a Tales game it is, why do we care about paying off our debt?

Wouldn’t things be more interesting if we were outlaws?

Rather than being able to tackle the narrative, we are forced to grind missions for gald.

“Missions” might not be the right word… “fetch-quests” and “kill x [enemy(s)]” is more accurate.

I have nothing against side quests, I generally enjoy that sort of thing, but oh my goodness we’ve spent at least 75% of our time collecting useless items and killing the same generic enemies over and over.

…and sending our cats on fetch quests, WHO NEVER RETURN WITH THE ITEMS WE NEED.


It’ll get better, it has to.

…I hope.