Not sure if there’s going to be a stream this week, I will be in New Jersey for work over the weekend and have yet to figure out travel plans.  I’ll know by Thursday’s strip, so stay tuned!

Shoutout to the folks at last week’s stream, by the way; that doodle might be my favorite so far, I love your suggestions!  Also to Coreag for walking me through the Renegade base skip and Raine proxy casting during the Tales of Symphonia bit.  It was very helpful and will come in handy for future runs!


If there was ever a target to make fun of, I am that target!  I haven’t looked at older strips in quite some time, but I figured for the purposes of this being the 500th strip now was the time.

Should I be fortunate enough, maybe I’ll do the same thing around four and a half years from now.  Thanks for reading, you guys constantly make my day!

Couple of things:  First off, it was Jackie’s birthday this week and can only mean one thing… WHISK(E)Y PARTY!

Featuring a number of whiskies and whisk(e)y based foods, we ate, drank (mostly drank), and failed horribly at Trivial Pursuit until we ordered some pizza and wings.  After that… the whisk(e)y test!  I was going to insert a picture of it here, but they keep coming out blurry… I’ll scan it tomorrow and have it for Thursday.

Part of the test includes a blind Whisk(e)y tasting, and while this year no one repeated Mike & Liz’s amazing perfect taste test score, we had some fun with our palate cleanser.

See, the test includes all the whiskies at the party, plus one mystery palate cleanser that can be anything.  It is almost never something that cleanses the palate.  This year our cleanser was Rye Whisky with soy sauce mixed in.

It tasted awful.

Oddly enough however, one of the guests was unaware that there was a palate cleanser until we came out with a 5th thing to taste test (there were 4 whiskies).  I guess he doesn’t mind his whisk(e)y salty.

Last thing, continuing off of last month, here’s video #2 in the “Let’s make a comic!” thing: