Unfortunately there won’t be a stream this week as I’ll be in New Jersey for work… nuts!

Sorry about that, and see you all next week!


On the positive side of things, Tales of Xillia 2 has picked up the pace a little bit!

…but that might just be because we haven’t had to grind quests in a while.  After having a huge story portion play out last night, I fear that Rich and I will be bottlenecked into grind-mode again.


Something that routinely bothered me in the first Xillia was that main character Jude was training to be a doctor… and over the course of his journey he routinely beat things to death with his bare hands.  

This is not exactly conduct becoming of a medical professional.

Jude hasn’t changed much thus far in his second tour of duty, as he has dropped all of his super important, might-save-countless-lives research more or less on a hunch; again abandoning his medical duties.

Also, in one of his battle victory skits he solemnly proclaims, “I should be helping, not hurting.


This skit happens to come up all the time, so it’s especially frustrating.

Equally frustrating was our trip to Costco over the weekend (segues are fun!).

Weekend trips to Costco are usually an exercise in anger management as all of Queens is packed inside, making the warehouse-esque space feel tiny and confined.  Empty aisles are rare, so when we do happen across one, it’s a minor miracle.

One such miracle occurred on Sunday, as we were heading for the checkout lines we were walking down an empty aisle.

Empty… except for two people at the other end.  They were apparently shopping together, one pushing the cart and the other examining some bath mats.  Despite the fact that they were only 2 people and the aisles are relatively wide, they took enough space to block us from passing.

We stood about four feet away from them and clearly wanted to pass by, but they didn’t move.  The guy with the cart just stood there and the lady with the bathmats continued browsing.

We stood there a little longer.

The lady turns and looks right at us, and then turns right back to the #$%^&(@ bathmats and doesn’t move.

At this point, Jackie pushed her way past her and I followed, but oh my goodness I have no idea why this couple thought it was ok to block an aisle, and then stare right at the people they’re blocking in an Eff You way.

Costco… the wild west of grocery stores.