All back in the city, NEW JERSEY MISSION COMPLETE!  The next livestream will be this Friday, March 27th at 7pm est!

Don’t know what the game will be just yet, I might take a stroll through my Steam library again or check out what games we have in our apartment between Jackie and I.

There’s gotta be something!


A question for the Tales of Xillia 2 writing team: scavenger cats… why do they play by different rules from the rest of all organic lifeforms?

Very minor spoiler from ToX2:

Our rag tag (not really) team of heroes (debatable) must travel through alternate realities over the course of the game.  The rules for their inter-dimensional travel are as follows: once they enter the alternate reality they can’t leave until they complete their mission.

Not can’t leave as in they are not allowed to, but can’t leave as in it’s a physical impossibility.

However, the team is able to send scavenger cats back to their own dimension to search for treasure… that shouldn’t be possible.

Now you might be thinking, “Alex, these alternate dimensions feature all the same locations/buildings/people as their original one, maybe the cats are going to those specified locations within that dimension.”

I initially forced myself to think that in order for the game’s logic to remain consistent…

…but that can’t be true.

Of the many collectable items in the game, you can find stray cats.  These cats can only be found in the original dimension.  So when we were in an alternate dimension and our scavenger cat brought back another cat, it was proof that the cat was traveling between dimensions.

So now you might be thinking, “Alex, it’s just a game, don’t let something so small bug you.”


I’m really hoping something later in the game explains how the cats are able to break the laws of physics that everyone and everything else needs to play by, solely so I can sleep at night.

End of very minor Tox2 spoiler.

Also, Bisley totally has a Damon Gant vibe.

Not a vibrator shaped like Damon Gant, but he kind of looks like him and also has a similar air of superiority.