The next livestream will be this Friday, April 3rd at 7pm est!  There will be doodles, there will be games!  Neat!

See you then!


My butt was just kicked.

I knew my butt was going to be kicked going into the situation, but did it anyway.

My butt was kicked so hard.

What’s all this about my butt?  I just had the pleasure of doing a Tales of Symphonia NG+ Kratos% race against Jaymota16, the current world record holder for ToS NG & ToS NG+ (view his twitch channel here).  It was super fun!  Kratos% runs are the first third of the game, and even over the course of the small portion, Jay beat me by 10-15 minutes…

That’s including him doing extra Undine fights to purposely slow himself down.

also eating and at one point fixing what sounded like a broken garbage can.

He’s really really really fast.

My butt will never forget it.

I didn’t go into the race thinking I’d win (obviously) so it was really fun to watch the best of the best in action.  Again, go check out his channel!