Hi guys!  I’m terribly sorry about this, but I have a work call on Friday night.  This came up on short notice.  Unfortunately that means there won’t be a stream this week… sorry again!

We’ll reconvene next Friday!

See you then!


Yesterday was April Fools Day… I got my fool on pretty early.

…around 8pm the day before, in fact.

The tag team of feeling hungry and not wanting to take the time to cook is often a dangerous combination.  After listen to my stomach gurgle for an hour or so I walked a block to the McDonalds near me and figured “hey, so long as I’m eating garbage, I may as well eat a lot of garbage.”

I ordered two McDoubles and three McChickens from the (more than a) dollar menu, received them in a greasy paper bag, and walked back home in the rain.

Let’s get the gross part out of the way: yes, I ate all of it… in less than ten minutes, even.  I also slathered the sandwiches with a super salty sesame sauce…

…you know, cause this meal needed more sodium.

Food consumed and hunger satisfied (ish), I went about my business and eventually went to bed.

…then I woke up an hour later.  Stomach… pain.  Urge to go to bathroom… astronomical.

In the interest of sparing the details, what this boils down to is that I spent forty-five minutes on the toilet, never going more than five minutes without something evacuating my person…

…and not always from the same place.

I hope I’ve learned my lesson: never again McDonald’s, never again.