I’ve got another business weekend this week, this time hitting up New Jersey and Pennsylvania!  Crazy!  Streams will resume the following week!

See you then!


In a way I suppose it’s good that I received the “achievement” of buying the same puzzle piece three times in a row in the Mii Plaza… but why is that something worth celebrating?

Why can’t players just be guaranteed a new piece with every purchase?


I think Nintendo has a very serious communication issue.  They seem to think that their fans want one thing where in reality we want the polar opposite.

Take Nintendoland, for example.  It came with my WiiU, but up until this weekend I never actually gave it a go.  I popped it in an expected to be able to play right away… but no, I had to chat with “Monita” a floating TV screen that felt the need to explain to me how to play.

As far as I’m aware, it was unskippable.  Whatever, we talked for a minute or two, and then I was off to enjoy the minigames!

…kind of.  Immediately after exiting the first game I played, Monita was back to talk about more nonsense.

This happened multiple times until she finally declared that everything had been discussed.  WHY CAN’T THAT BE SKIPPED?  It’s a video game!  Let the player explore and figure things out on their own!

Communication can be overdone… which was on full display at work this week.

Some folks from France came by to drop off a check for my department.  Upon arrival, they began to speak to me in Armenian, which I don’t speak.  Upon realizing this they tried French, also a no go.

Fortunately a coworker was kind enough to translate for us, so we were able to complete our transaction.  As they were about to leave however, they heard my last name was Di Stasi.

“Di Stasi?” one of them said, excited.  “Di Stasi!”

Then he started speaking Italian.

I’ve got to say, I felt like quite the dummy.  This guy speaks (at least) three languages, and here I was standing there with the ability to speak only one (poorly).

Bi-lingualism (not a word) is a superpower, as far as I’m concerned.