Reminder, no stream this week as I’ll be in NJ/PA for work.  Streams will resume next Friday!

See you then!


Allow me to take another moment to express my absolute displeasure of Monita.

Monita, you stink.


You know what’s neat?  Charities!  You know what neater?  My cousin Adam.  You know what’s neatest?

When my cousin Adam does silly things for charities!

As a part of the Bike MS charity which uses donations for MS research and care, Adam will be participating in one of their biking events.  As an extra incentive, Adam has upped the stakes for himself:

Yep, he will wax his back and chest if he raises $1,000.

As for the “we’ll talk about it when we get there” bit, according to his donation page if he raises $5,000 he will wax his entire body.

This is a cause worth donating for!  Visit his donation page here, and GET ADAM TO WAX HIS WHOLE BODY!  Also, the MS research part is great too!