The next livestream will be this Friday, May 15th at 7pm est!  What will the game be this time?  Jackie, [Name Redacted], and I went through some Wii games that have been collecting dust recently and came across Trauma Center!


Get ready to doctor it up!

See you then!


I’d love to be able to say that this strip isn’t true, but hey… sometimes I worry that everyone around me, strangers or otherwise, have decided to make fun of me as though shaming me had suddenly entered the public consciousness.

…that’s likely not the case, but…

it might be.

Went to my mother’s house yesterday (happy mother’s day!), where for one amazing moment our topic of conversation was 1,000 year old eggs.

According to my sister (who appeared to be getting her information from a TV show called The Amazing Race), they are real food items and take 1,000 years to make.

I attempted to explain why that couldn’t possibly be true, but ultimately figured Googling them would be more useful.  Turns out they aren’t called 1000 year old eggs, they’re called century eggs…

…and they take a few weeks to a few months to make.  Furthermore, there’s apparently another form of this dish that calls for the eggs to be soaked in horse urine.

Upon hearing that, my cousins began referring to the vanilla mousse as “Horse Eggs,” or something to that effect.

We are a strange group of people.