The next livestream will be this Friday, May 15th at 7pm est!  We’re gonna doodle!  We’re gonna chat!  We’re gonna play games!

Specifically I’m planning of messing around with Trauma Center, which seems like a very streamable game.  I WILL BE THE BEST DOCTOR!

You can watch the stream here or here.

See you then!


Rich taught me was amiibos were recently and I am frankly blown away.  In the merciful event that you don’t know what they are, amiibos are little figurines with a chip in them that can unlock content in a limited amount of games (I imagine the library will grow, however).

In an even smaller amount of games, amiibos can store data & create a digital “you” that can challenge other people’s amiibos.

…amiibo’s can only store data from one game at a time, however.  So if you spent a lot of time training your amiibo in Smash, you’d have to delete it in order to save data from something else.

Or… you can buy a second amiibo, which I assume Nintendo is banking on.

I think this practice is absolutely disgusting.

First off, the “unlockable content” is stuff that should already be available in the game.  Nintendo has made claims in the past saying they take longer to release games because they want to make sure they’re as good as they can be.

…then why is there DLC or amiibo content released later on?

Second, one save slot?  What year is this?  There is no reason outside of forcing consumers to buy multiple amiibos for that to be the case.

If DLC is going to exist, I’m ok with it if it’s high quality like Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2.  Forcing people to buy a figurine to get insignificant unlockables is just awful.

Yet somehow these things are apparently flying off the shelves, so I guess I must be a dummy.