The next livestream will be this Friday, May 22nd at 7pm est!  We played Trauma Center after the doodle last week… we must play more.

That game is an absolute riot.  The operations are entertaining, there’s a anime-esque story involved, and our hero Dr. Derek Stiles can improve his doctor-ing by drawing a pentagram in the air with his hands.

Clearly this is the greatest game that has even been created.

See you then!


Just like comic Alex, I decided to get a FitBit in an attempt to force myself to exercise more.  My (possibly poor) reasoning is that I get a kick out of stats, so the concept of having a little device attached to me pumping out quantifiable information as if it was the stat counter in GTA is really neat.

I’m hoping it encourage me to JRPG stat build myself into something other than the out of shape, winded-after-one-flight-of-stairs guy I am.

Perhaps in the future FitBit will utilize the Junction System, that way I can exercise by playing cards.

That’d be awesome.