The next livestream will be this Friday, May 29th at 7pm est!  After Trauma Center kicked my butt last week, I think it might be time to move on to a new game… not sure what just yet!

See you then!


I’m willing to believe in the supernatural “healing touch” ability that Dr. Derek Stiles uses during his operations, slowing time down and allowing him to operate at incredibly fast speeds.  It’s fiction, whatever.

Activating the mode by flailing his arms in a pentagram however is some weird stuff.

How does no one call him out of this?

Come on, Derek, THAT’S STRANGE!

Furthermore, the disease that everyone in this game has is called GUILT.

People are dying of GUILT.

I’d probably have more to say about this right now, but Jackie, Lima, Rich, and I just finished a loooooooooong game of Trivial Pursuit.  The game took a lot longer than we had anticipated; the version we were playing was from the mid 90s, so a ton of its trivia was either super outdated or no longer a part of popular culture.

Once the game finished, I thought it was like 9:30 or so, but it’s almost midnight…