I will be up at my camp this weekend doing some preliminary maintenance for this summer, so there won’t be a stream this week, sorry about that!


Before we get into regular post stuff, I’m sure some of you noticed that there wasn’t a comic posted on Monday.  There was a bit of an issue with the website where I was unable to log in and create updates, apologies for going off schedule!

Also, many thanks to Kyle and Bill for helping me out!  I more or less did nothing (I am dumb) while they helped and fixed the issue.  I’ll be attempting to do some background updates on Thursday night, so be on the lookout… I might break everything!

Regarding taking the wrong sandwich, I totally did that last week.  I had headphones on and the lady at the counter said… something… while holding up a brown paper bag.  There was no one around me so I assumed it was my order.

I offered up a “thanks very much, have a great day” as I took the bag and left.  On my way out the door I noticed another guy walk toward the pickup window.

Well, turns out I took his food.

Part of me wanted to walk all the way back to the store to apologize, but I figured that’d be weirder.  I ate my ill gotten greasy food and tried to move on… I may never get over this.