There’s a chance I’ll be tied up with work this weekend, not sure at the time of this writing.  I’ll edit this section once I know!


Similar to my time working in retail, taking phone calls is often a test of patience.  Calls like the one above happen fairly regularly, perhaps not that specific question, but that I routinely get cut off while attempting to do exactly what a caller asked.

The formula is simple:

Caller:  What is [question]?

Me: The answer to [question] is-

Caller: [gives reason for asking question]

Me:  The answer to [question] is-

Caller:  [reiterates why they asked the question/tells anecdote involving the question]

Me:  The answer to [question] is [answer].

There were all these extra steps that we could have bypassed!  I was answering the question!  LET ME ANSWER YOUR QUESTION!  Please!

I was up at camp over the weekend with some old counselors to do some preliminary work before the summer gets into full swing.  Specifically we planted flowers, took inventory, tracked down a specific bench for dimensions, fixed the network, and put up a barbed wire fence.

One of these things is not like another.

It’s the barbed wire fence.

At the time, I hadn’t noticed any cuts or what-have-you, but once I took a shower later on I saw that my legs and torso featured a little menagerie of nicks and scrapes.  I also managed to get a couple of splinters in my left hand while clearing some tree branches.  Those are still stuck in there and I’m not too sure what to do about them.

Perhaps the healing process will spit them out.  Yes, that seems like a totally reasonable assumption.

In other news from this weekend, I retired [threw out] a pair of sneakers that I’ve had for eight years.  Here’s a tasteful photo of them on a pile of wood just before I put them in the dumpster:


If you’re thinking, “Sure those look bad, but not eight years old bad,” be aware that I had run them through the washing machine twice in an effort to save them.  The smell was too much to be overcome, however.

We also came across a baby deer:



Neat, right?

Also, we watched Titanic for some reason and it was super entertaining.