The next livestream will be this Friday, June 12th at 7pm est!  This will be the last Friday stream before I’m gone for the summer!  As always, the comic will still update as normal, but I’ll be off in the land of terrible internet until the end of August, so streams unfortunately can’t happen during this time.

So come on down for one last romp of silly doodles, weird chats, and Disney music!  Also… games afterward!  What will we play?  I HAVE NO IDEA WE’LL FIGURE IT OUT WHEN WE GET THERE!  Rich mentioned Papers Please as a good game to play, so maybe we’ll try that.  We can also hit up some Hatoful Boyfriend or Cards Against Humanity… let’s see where it goes!

You can view the stream here or here.

See you then!


I haven’t actually played Splatoon, nor do I plan to buy it anytime soon (maybe once the price goes down), but that won’t stop me from having a strip about it.

Now, for the story of this past Tuesday evening.  At the end of last summer, there was a counselor named Tom who left some of his clothes at camp.  I was tasked with getting the clothes back to him and brought them home with me in a plastic bag.  A few unanswered calls and messages later, I gave up and the clothes had been sitting in my apartment ever since.

This Tuesday I needed a shirt without wrinkles for work.  There just so happened to be a button down in Tom’s bag that fit, so I figured what the heck.

After work I went to Brooklyn and while walking down the sidewalk, who do I run in to?


After exchanging pleasantries I mentioned that I had his lost clothes.  I also mentioned that I was currently wearing his shirt and then proceeded to remove it on the sidewalk and give it back.

I had a tee shirt in my backpack, so it’s not like I was walking around shirtless for a while.

Anyway, he’s going to stop by my workplace today to get the rest.