Quick note on the livestreams: thanks everyone for hanging out on the stream last Friday, which was the last doodle stream before I leave for the summer!  I’m planning on throwing myself into Applejack this week in a mad dash to finish it before I’m gone, but I’m not sure if that will happen.

Things to get done for AJ: opening sequence (including that one truck part that I mentioned on the stream I don’t really know how to do yet), shot transitions, backgrounds for shots without backgrounds, tightening up of timing, little tweaks to mostly completed shots… I’M GONNA TRY REALLY HARD TO GET THIS DONE BEFORE I LEAVE!

Also, for anyone who just thought of Yoda’s “do or do not” line… well… I hope to do.  

Speaking of Star Wars and segues, the FF7 PC version isn’t bad or anything, but there are a number of dialogue changes that have occurred so far.  Mostly these changes have been corrected grammatical errors, but the Don Corneo part seems… strange.

For those of you who haven’t played Final Fantasy 7, there’s a sequence very early in the game where Cloud and Co. infiltrate a whorehouse to wrestle information out of a local mob boss.  In order to get Corneo to talk, they say the following lines:

Cloud: If you don’t tell us I’ll chop them off.

[Corneo gives up some info, but stops short]

Aeris: If you don’t tell us… I’ll rip them off.

[Corneo gives up more info and stops short again]

Tifa:  If you don’t tell us… I’ll smash them.

Those are the lines in the original Playstation version.  In the PC port, instead of “them” Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa will chop, rip, and smash “it.”

Why the change?  Was there someone in the Squaresoft office that went, “BOSS!  It’d totally sound more menacing if they threaten his penis instead of his balls!”

Why even bother amending this line?  It was grammatically fine and doesn’t thematically alter anything or make a perviously opaque plot point more transparent.

Was threatening to crush his testicles not enough?

A quick Google search has taught me that the PC port came out in ’98 so I guess worrying about this is silly, but come on… smashing balls was wince worthy already, right?