Soooooo the fact that I just so happened to start a FF7 run recently is quite the coincidence what with the remake having been announced.  I don’t ever recall a time where everyone lost their minds all at once over a game, but that seems to be the case right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and I plan of playing it… but I was excited for Advent Children too and really wasn’t a fan.  Chances are I’m going to spit out the same criticisms you’ve heard ad-nauseam over the past two days, but here we go:

  • there are too many slapstick humor moments that won’t work well in HD
  • they might change the materia system
  • they might alter the battle system to make it more accessible to people outside of the target market
  • all of the charm of the original might covered up with dark, moody, emo stuff

One other note… Square, maybe if you made quality new Final Fantasy games you wouldn’t have to resort to a remake in order to get people excited about your releases.  Heck, the last decent FF game was FFX and that came out nearly fourteen years ago.

Hopefully FFXIV is great, but I get the feeling now that it’ll be overshadowed by the FF7 remake.

Again, I’m totally buying it though.