Still doing my run of FF7.  I kind of forgot how much fun that game is, especially the materia system.  I’ve been focusing on weapons/armor with double growth, but for the most part that has left me in a situation where I can’t link materia.  Sure, it’s a little silly have Alls in standalone slots, but hey… it’ll be worth it later!

Also, my weapon strength is comically underpowered. I’m in the middle of disc 2 using weapons found halfway through disc 1.  GOOD THING WE’RE MAGICALLY POWERFUL!

In other news: How Applejack Won the War is finished!  Well, as finished as it’s going to be.

It was a lot of fun to make and I really appreciate all the comments and reactions you guys have given me on the livestreams for the works in progress I was showing.  Now that it’s done… what will I be posting in Kat’s Korner?  I feel like KK has been the “How Applejack Won the War” progress section.

I guess I’ll need to animate something new!  Anyway, here’s Applejack in all her warcrime glory!